Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Premise #1

Alright, so today we will be going over the basic underlying premise of chiropractic which is....

Our body is designed to be a self-healing, self-regulating organism.

This is a very basic principle but it is often overlooked. Notice the beginning of the sentence says that our bodies are designed. There is no accident that everything in the body works together. Whether you believe in God as I do or not, science and statistics make it more sensible to think there is an intelligent design behind all that is.

Self-healing means that your body is built to heal itself. Did you know that the part of your immune system that makes antibodies knows how to do so for several trillions of different bacteria and viruses. That doesn't include the possibility of a mutation happening along the way. When those are factored in, it makes it almost infinite. Your immune system can code for more antibodies than your DNA can, which is why it was set up that way. Your body is ready to fight bacteria and viruses that haven't even been discovered.

As soon as you cut your finger your body immediately begins taking measures to heal that wound. The healing process within acts independently of you and doesn't care what you think. What I mean is if you cut your finger and you concentrated on that cut and told your self and thought to yourself, "Don't heal, don't heal," it still would regardless. You can't stop your body from trying to heal itself. We can do things to slow the process down but your body will still try and heal itself.

Your body is also self-regulating. That means it was also built to take care of itself. Do you have to tell your heart how many times to beat per minute or when to speed up when you start exercising? Do you have to tell your body how to digest the food you eat and which cells, tissues, and organs need what nutrients? How about the thousands of cancer cells your body kills everyday; did you tell it where they were and to go kill them? Of course not. If we had to do all of this, we wouldn't be able to live.

Our body carries out millions of processes everyday. The majority of these are not under our control. It's amazing how harmonic all the different things in our body work together just to make it through one day. It is like a symphony orchestra with trillions of members coming together to make beautiful music.

So that's it for the first premise of chiropractic. Hopefully as we go through this I will be able to teach you more about you and that you alone are responsible for your health. Your health is a lot like your retirement. I always hear financial planners say that people don't plan to fail in their later years but that they fail to plan. Your health is the exact same way, especially in this high stress, low nutrition, and low exercise environment we live in. If you don't plan to be healthy, then you won't be healthy when you need it the most.

The next premise we will be going over is the innate intelligence that your body has. Until then, have an excellent day!

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