Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Premis #2: The Body is One Smart Fellar!

OK, so we are on part 2 of this 4 part series. Let's review what we've gone over so far shall we. First, the whole reason I am taking time out of my busy schedule to write these blogs is to enhance your understanding of chiropractic and why it is vitally important that you and everyone you know be under some form of regular care. I am not just saying that because I am a chiropractor. I tell everyone that. I don't care if you come see me or not, but please go see someone. Living your life without chiropractic is worse than living your life without a toothbrush and/or dentist. The only reason we don't feel it's that important is because we don't see on the outside the damage we are doing to our spine and nervous system on a daily basis. I love the old anti-smoking poster with the picture of the person and half of their chest looks like black, decaying tissue with the headliner, "If what happened on the inside actually happened on the outside, would you still smoke?". It's amazing the amount of compensation our body can endure for all the crud we put into it and do to it. I have come to view it as a double edged sword more and more. By that I mean, most of us, including myself, ignore taking care of it because we "feel fine." However, I will now get off my soapbox and get on with what I came here to do.

Second, we talked about premise #1, which is our bodies were created to be self-healing, self-regulating organisms. I think that statement is pretty self-explanatory. I promise I will try not to use anymore words hyphenated with "self." I also think this premise is a no brainer. If it were not true, then we would have died very early in our existence. Take a course in microbiology and you will quickly learn that you are walking around with dozens of bacteria that have the ability to kill you if not kept in check by your body. Take a cell biology course and you will learn that your body literally kills thousands of cancer cells everyday. If only one got by your body's defense and allowed to divide, then you would end up with a tumor.

So, now we are on to premise #2. Simply put, our body is created with a vital force that has an innate intelligence. This means your body was made with the ability to know what to do and when to do it without you having to tell it what to do. Have you ever stopped to ponder why you don't have to direct nutrients where to go, or when to start pumping adrenaline, or how tissues heal when we do dumb things like standing on top of a stool, on top of the toilet, to finish painting in a corner of the bathroom only to have it flip out from under you and land on your backside leaving a hefty bruise? That's totally hypothetical and I'll deny it if anyone accuses me of doing that.

How many times have you taken off your jeans or shirt to find a scrape that is in the end stages of healing and you didn't ever remember cutting yourself? I can't count the number of times that has happened to me. As soon as your skin is cut, your body immediately begins taking steps to heal that wound without your knowledge. In fact, even if you knew you cut yourself, you couldn't stop the healing process from taking place.

What about the food we eat? You don't have to choose which digestive enzymes to release to break down the food that you consume. You don't have to tell your body which cells have damage from the Aspirin you took last night so we'll send some extra vitamin C and whatever else it needs for tissue repair. And thank goodness we don't have to concentrate on making the waste products left over from what we put in our body. Could you imagine a friend calling you to go to the mall or play golf and you have to say, "Sorry but I can't. My lunch just entered the large intestine and it was a hefty meal so it's gonna take a while to turn it into poop." It's funny but it's the honest truth.

I am so glad that my body has the smarts and the "know how" to take care of all that stuff for me. Even in all my schooling and all the biology classes I've taken, I am definitely not smart enough to handle all those processes all at the same time. I am so thankful that our body is built with an inner intelligence to take care of all that for me. I would much rather spend my time hanging out with my family or one of several other pass times then worry about that stuff.

I hope you enjoyed this installment. The next premise we will be going over on "What is Chiropractic?" is the nervous system is the master system through which our innate intelligence is expressed. Now we will really be getting down to the nitty gritty of chiropractic. Have a blessed day, and feel free to leave any comments!

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